Kmatka 2025

It is the year 2025. You are enjoying the 21st Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) EUROPEAN CONGRESS in Helsinki. The weather is simply beautiful and because of that you want to spend the mid-summer festival in your summer cottage at Sahalahti. You are using your favourite travelling software which is installed into your vision sensors. The only thing you told to this software is that you would like to get to your cottage and you would like to eat on the way there. All the information that you see while traveling is produced by the software according to your location and earlier preferences. Enjoy the ride!

!! HD quality only viewable on Vimeo.

The video keeps playing even after credits simply because it was presented in ITS Congress Helsinki 2014 and we wanted to keep the nice atmosphere after the video and talk with the boot visitors while the music was playing.

The setup for the corner and screens was inspired by Service Innovation Corner -project (SINCO).

This video is the result of Dedicated Visionary program which was made possible by Finnish Transport Agency. The goal of the program was to envision how does the Finland move in the year 2025. Along with this video an ITS magazine A-Sanomat was published. You can find it in

Concept and a sketch image of how Kmatka2025 corner will work.

Projektissa on tehty seuraavia asioita:

  • Visuaalinen markkinointi
  • Video editointi


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